• Requirements to join this level/you have to be able to:

    -Pretérito Indefinido: To talk about a specific action in the Past, a finished, limited action. Talk about past holidays, improve vocabulary.
    - Permisos y favores: ask for and give permission. Ask for a favor. Give orders or instructions
    -Hacer, aceptar y rechazar invitaciones-
    (make, accept, decline an invitation) in person or on the phone.Travelling: means of transport, ask for directions, ask for location of different areas in a city.
    -Objets: description, shape, size,colour, etc.
    -Introducción al Pretérito Imperfecto: Regular verbs in Pretérito Imperfecto ("comía", "hablaba") for routines in the past.

    At the end of this course you will be able to:

    Here you'll learn the differences between the past tenses, the future tenses (Futuro Simple vs Ir a+ infinitivo), you'll learn how to re-tell a story in the past (for example, how you met someone important), talk about your predictions or hypothesis for the future, talk about your past life, express feelings of joy, happiness, sadness, pity, surprise and disbelief.

    Book Info

    You can buy the books (Ele Actual B1 libro del alumo and Ele Actual B1 cuaderno de ejercicios) online at:








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