• Requirements to join this level (what you have to know BEFORE joining this course)

    -Pretérito Indefinido: To talk about a specific action in the Past, a finished, limited action. Talk about past holidays, improve vocabulary.
    - Permisos y favores: ask for and give permission. Ask for a favor. Give orders or instructions
    -Hacer, aceptar y rechazar invitaciones-
    (make, accept, decline an invitation) in person or on the phone.Travelling: means of transport, ask for directions, ask for location of different areas in a city.
    -Objets: description, shape, size,colour, etc.
    -Introducción al Pretérito Imperfecto: Regular verbs in Pretérito Imperfecto ("comía", "hablaba") for routines in the past.

    At the end of this course you will be able to (what you will learn DURING this course):

    - Perífrasis verbales: Start to do something, stop doing something, doing something again and more combination of verbs.

    -Talk about past experiences: Simple Past and Pretérito Imperfecto.

    -Future: express different levels of certainty, make hypothesis in the future.

    -Express prohibition and obligation: talk about customs and traditions, vocabulary of work and school.

    -Telling an argument of a story or a book.

    -Recommend, give advice, give instructions.

    -Introduction to Modo Subjuntivo for: wishes, requests, proposal of solutions to a problem.


    (Units 1-6 from Aula Internacional 3 PLUS)

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